A Typical Monday Morning Commute in Amsterdam.

I took the following video while standing at the corner of Marnixstraat and Elandsgracht on my way to Workcycles.  Observe how fluid the bicycle traffic is in Holland, note that none of them ever really come to a complete stop where they have to put their foot down.  They tend to yield, let the other pass and then pedal on.  I feel like like Dutch bicycle riders are probably some of the most skilled riders in the world just being able to maintain such an overall fluid bicycle system with such high bicycle traffic density.

In Amsterdam, bicycles have the right of way over pedestrians and also automobiles.  The exception is that bicycles <em>do </em>have to yield to trams.  Collisions between bicycles and bicycles or bicycles and pedestrians or cars do happen on a daily basis, but most bicyclists are skilled enough to avoid any major injuries.  The bicycles themselves, for the most part, come out still unharmed due to their solid construction.  It’s common to see bicycles from the 1940′s or earlier on the streets in Holland because they are built to last and withstand all the elements Holland has to bring.

William Hsu | My Dutch Bike

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