Bike to Work Day photos!

Bike to Work Day was a major success this year in the Bay Area!  Above:  Three-year-old Sidney Goldfader-Dufty, Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s daughter, hitches a ride with Kit Hodge on Bike to Work Day in San Francisco.

Check out all the Bike to Work Day photos here at 511.0rg.

Cyclists make use of the new green lanes recently implemented by SFBC and the city of San Francisco.  “Happy Bike to Work Day!”

Bikers pick up BTWD schwag at the corner of 2nd and Market street.  Also entering to win the grand raffle prize of a new Specialized Globe city bike.

Personally, I took advantage of the free ferry ride on BTWD by boarding at Jack London Square and getting off at the SF Ferry Building.  The ferry is definitely the best and most scenic way of getting to work.  It’s also great because they have unlimited bike parking – when the racks run out of room, you can just use lean them against the sides onto the railing or onto other bikes.

Downtown Oakland’s Bike-Away-From-Work afterparty!  This was great with bicycle parking, pedal-powered festival rides and great food and drinks.

Your’s Truly biking to work!

William Hsu | My Dutch Bike

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