Football…on bikes!

In light of this Sunday’s big game between Holland and Spain, we wanted to take the time to root for our team and also introduce you to another type of sport that incorporates bicycles and football:  Cycleball!

The sport of Cycleball (also called “Radball”) was invented by a German-American in 1893.  It’s very popular in countries like Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain.  Players ride fixed-gear bikes with very very low gear ratios as to wheelie the front of their bike easier as to use the front wheel to “kick” the ball.  A low gear ratio also allows the players to get across the court more efficiently.  As the court is not that big, having a high gear ratio would leave your pedals in a weird position by the time you get to the ball.  Having a fixed-gear bicycle also allows you to travel backwards.

The ball is controlled by the bike and the head except for the case of the goalie.  The game is very similar to football, but it does take a lot more skill in order to control the ball with a bicycle!

Below is a video of an example of Cycleball.

I hope to see this really unique but awesome sport come to the States soon.  As for now, I will look forward to the World Cup game this Sunday morning!  HOLLAND VS. SPAIN.


William Hsu | My Dutch Bike