Custom homemade babyseat for Bakfiets.

Ashley, one of our customers who purchased a short box Bakfiets from us sometime ago decided to be resourceful and creative in retrofitting a baby seat in his Bakfiets.  It’s really an ingenious and practical way to safely transport a baby, not to mention, both point of view (from the rider and the baby) are wonderful!

From the rider’s point of view!

Side view.

Below, are photos of the actual setup of the babyseat system.  Ashley decided to use the safety-latch system in order to safely and securely mount the seat mount to the bottom of the box.  The latch is connected to a U-ring that is secured to the bottom of the box.  Two holes were drilled in order to attach the U-ring to the box.

Bottom of the box. Two holes were drilled into the box.

Safety-latch is attached to a U-Ring.

Looking down from above, this is the seat mount bracket as to allow the seat to be removed easily when the Bakfiets is not in motion.

William Hsu | My Dutch Bike