1 1/2 years in San Francisco

•••It has been almost 1 – 1/2 years and we are absolutely embracing the energy and appreciation and  smiles we see and hear from customers and onlookers alike who walk by our store and smile, laugh, point, take photos or even purchase a bicycle or two. A few even lift our bicycles for weight comparison! Most have done research though. Many have purchased our bicycle purely on reviews and research never seeing the bike until delivered to their state. This is not an impulse purchase but rather an investment that will last a life time. Mechanically sound bicycles and style that is timeless. With our new mechanic Josh Boisclair onboard , we bring not only exquisite and functional bicycles to the bay area and beyond but also provide excellent service for repairs, retrofitting or upgrading any bicycle vintage or not. We enjoy and look forward to meeting you and hopefully helping you with your new bicycle purchase or retrofitting your old bicycle that may be sitting in your living room right now with a broken dynamo or missing saddle. Rusty on your Dutch, come on Saturdays when Oscar, my dutchie husband helps out and can sell a bike in full on Dutch if you prefer. You get the feeling you really are purchasing a bicycle from Amsterdam where Oscar’s grandfather had a bicycle store in the Jordaan district in the early 1900′s! For more info on this see this article from Workcycles http://www.bakfiets-en-meer.nl/2010/02/22/the-inventor-of-the-bakfiets/>/
Please stay tuned for an announcement of our new permanent location in San Francisco coming soon!  If you have any ideas of an ideal location (needs to be in SF) email us at: http://www.mydutchbike.com/contact/ If your location gets picked you win a Clarijs Panniers of your choice!