My Dutch Bike in San Francisco: the Transport bike, Cargo bike & handmade Dutch City bike specialist

For years we’ve wanted to bring the Bakfiets, Omafiets and other Dutch bicycles to California because we just couldn’t find a practical bike locally that allowed us to transport us and our son safely and comfortably. After much research we found that WorkCycles in Amsterdam could provide us with the best possible product. WorkCycles is the specialist in quality utility bicycles for commercial, family and personal use. They develop their own models and also sell bikes from Azor, Bakfiets.nl, De Redding, Monark, Nijland, Onderwater and others. The bicycles are known for their timeless design, top quality and attention to detail. Whether you need a bike to safely carry your children, a classic Dutch city bike or a tough industrial bike we’ve got it. If you require something that’s not on our website let us know and we can special order it for you.

We have added Gazelle, Batavus, and Retrovelo to broaden our selection of high quality, European bicycles.  If you don’t see the bicycle you want from one of the brands we carry on our website, please let us know and we will special order it for you.

Our philosophy

Cycling is good for the air we breathe and great for our bodies.  We hope we can inspire you to leave your car at home just a little more often, take your bike to work, school, stores or just a Sunday ride.  With our bikes you don’t require a wardrobe overhaul.  We embrace a philosophy of functionality and practicality. With our passion for design, every part of the bike looks and feels like it was meant to be there.