Retrovelo HOT Pink Paula REG $2800  ON SALE FOR $1650

This is custom two tone hot pink and lavender bike from Retrovelo. * speed Shimano Shifter with roller brakes and front and rear lights that do no need batteries EVER! Need to move so contact me privately to info@ mydutchbike . com. Frame size is  53cm so good for someone around  5′ 2″ –  5′ 9″ tall.




SOLD** The Orange Pure Innergy Reg $2499   Now $1199 Great Deal For a taller Man!  SOLD**

This is a steel. Easy charging. Easy Maintenance. Only 1 model left. Men’s 61cm frame. It s Royal Silver. 2012 model.  The cheapest and lightest (24.8kg) ebike in the range. It’s basically a classic Dutch town bike equipped with a seven speed hub gear. Go for this if you want to cycle in flattish terrain – though being an ebike, it will obviously cope with hills much more easily regardless of the number of gears. This model is built with a rigid fork and rounder tubing than the Chamonix. The cost depends on the level of battery power that you choose: The battery this bike comes with is the bronze which is the smallest battery.

Battery Included  This bike comes with the BRONZE: 2.5kg, 7Ah / 36V / 252Wh, 5hr recharge, 35m avg range

How it works Pure models have a simple system using a rotation sensor to detect forward rotation of the pedals and switch on the motor.  The motor delivers a constant level of support, which the rider will feel right from the start of pedaling.  It’s a fully equipped, comfy, upright, very high quality town bike.

Royal SilverBattery Power
Royal Silver

Gazelle Control PanelElectrical Motor Assist

Gazelle Orange InnergyGazelle Orange InnergyHand GripControl Panle
Gazelle Orange Innergy